Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

Do you have a unique set of requirements to meet at a cost-competitive price? Off-the-shelf software may not be the right choice. Custom software is a purpose-built product, mainly to support processes swiftly and productively.

Being a design-driven and strategy-led company, our customized software development process entails the commissioning, development and release of a software product personalized to a single specific entity. While building the software, the company’s infrastructure, branding and implementation needs are kept in mind.

With time and constant change in the market needs, companies are forced to re-frame their software development methodologies – where new requirements involve new solutions. In custom software development, agile development comes as a boon in disguise.

We believe that no cookie-cutter approach/solution would hit the dartboard like an agile process that would fit your needs. Big changes can sound slow, risky and expensive, but taking vigilant steps can bring profitable results. At ACCRO, leveraging agile development, we deliver value faster, with greater quality, and greater aptitude to respond to change.

Agile development helps

Our Domain Expertise Includes

Healthcare and Wellness

Developing technology-led solutions- a switch from the conventional method is no more an option. Meeting the fluctuating demands of healthcare requires a new way of looking at software development that facilitates the industry. Getting the most out of a solution, efficiently, is crucial.

Supply chain and Logistics

Coordination of planning, production, and delivery processes is more effective and efficient with custom-made software. Yesterday’s software no more plays an effectual role in today’s industry. Make a smart move to make supply chain coordination and management a seamless journey.

Retail and Banking

Living up to customers’ expectation is easier said than done. Today’s shoppers are changing the face of shopping. Custom software solutions are enforced across the retail ecosystem that aid both ‘brick and mortar’ & ‘digital’ businesses.

Our Valuable Key Differentiators

Harness the potential of up-to date technologies

Easy maintenance with long term benefits

Easy integration with existing applications

Reasonably priced solutions

Couple innovation with tailor-made solutions