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What Problems Are Holding Insurers Back Then?

In 2018, Gartner stated, “The majority of the insurance industry is either in an early digital stage or consists of digital fast – followers who take a more moderate approach to digital transformation.”
However, there are two major reasons causing the insurance industry to lag behind in achieving digital maturity:

Optimization Is Not Transformation

Most Insurance carriers are still in the digital optimization phase, adhering to their traditional lines of business and sales channels. Even post-optimization, the focus is solely on internal processes and the digitization of some policyholder interactions. But this approach limits insurers from capturing new market share as policyholders choose to do business with more engaging non-traditional insurance platforms who deliver an easy and intuitive buying experience.

Innovation Hasn’t Always Been Easy For Insurance

Numerous factors impact the ability of insurance carriers to opt for smarter insurance software solutions. The use of Legacy systems with an average age of 13 years affect agility, and a highly regulated industry slows down the pace of any change. Insurers have not been able to adapt quickly to user demands, with multiple duplications of systems and inefficient methods affecting the response time for handling claims and underwriting.

ACCRO Helps YOU Attain Digital Insurance Maturity

Shift The Traditional Insurer Paradigm Into Digital Innovation Using Low-code

The Forrester Wave for Low-Code Application Development Platforms (AD&D, 2017) states that “Low-code platforms enable rapid delivery of business applications with a minimum of hand-coding and minimal upfront investment in setup, training, and deployment.”

Make The Right Choice

ACCRO helps you build unique, fit-to-purpose insurance software solutions that will set you apart from your competitors. Implementing a visual approach for development, team management becomes blazing fast, without spending the budget considerably on training. Inculcate the quality of self-learning in your team, using online trainings, webinars and more.


Swiftly develop and deploy full-stack insurance tech apps


One-click incorporation of your insurance apps into any software system

Dynamic UX

Deliver amazing, pixel-perfect digital insurance experiences

Low Codes

Extend insurance apps with your own front-end or back-end code

Assured Safety

Insurance apps that run on a safe & secure platform

Massive Scalability

Scale your insurance apps without any loss in quality
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Concrete, unbreakable deployment across cloud

Easy Maintenance

Unparalleled seamlessness using pre-tested app modules

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