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We help organizations go completely paperless with our ECM solutions by managing the lifecycle of their unstructured content through business processes. 

Our state-of-the art VIM solutions help organizations drastically reduce the cost involved in processing invoices thereby significantly improving the efficiency of their Accounts Payable Team.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Software Overview

OpenText ECM furnishes a number of services to users create, collaborate on, share, archive and eventually demolish a particular content. It helps improve personal productivity with simple, intuitive tools and UX as well process productivity through full integration with lead applications such as SAP and Microsoft.

Key Capabilities Of ECM Software

Simple, Responsive User Interface (UI)

Leverage a simple, responsive and intuitive user interface, with role-based views to enterprise, project-oriented and personal workspaces that feature access to the most recent documents and more

Easy Integration & Support

Get a content services platform with out-of-the-box integration and support for applications, such as SAP ERP and SuccessFactors, Oracle E-Business Suite, Salesforce and Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint.

Cloud Content Management

Choose from flexible, cloud models for public, private or hybrid deployments to manage, protect and effectively use information.

Intelligent Enterprise Capture Solution

Capture documents and data from paper, electronic files and other sources and transform it into digital content delivered directly into enterprise content management solutions and business processes.

Content Archiving Solutions

Protect critical historical information within a secure, centralized archiving solution leveraging familiar search criteria to find and retrieve desired information from large volumes of stored files in seconds.

ECM Collaboration

Leverage the cloud and mobile capabilities of OpenText Core Share and Hightail to extend the reach of corporate content into previously hard-to-coordinate environments, such as remote field workers or extended supplier and contractor ecosystems.

Benefits Of Investing in ECM Software

Merge Content to Transaction Data

Provide a smooth UX to users

Provide multi-level granular access

Leverage ECM to fuel your digital workplace

Facilitate high level of content governance

Vendor Invoice Management (VIM) Software Overview

VIM streamlines and simplifies the process of creating, managing, monitoring and routing purchase orders and invoices for AP personnel and vendors.

It lets you manage invoices through a secure, browser-based interface where AP employees and vendors can collaborate to resolve problems, obtain invoice status, check purchase order numbers, submit invoices, and more. 

Key Capabilities Of VIM Software

Scan and Capture

Our scanning solutions permit the users to instantly segregate, scan invoice documents and archive them into a digital repository.

Data Validation

The extracted information is authenticated for accuracy w.r.t formats. Any value found to be not correct are pointed out for manual entry at the validation step

Exception Identification and Handling

These solutions come with many business rules that can be configured for different types of invoices. Exceptions are spotted automatically by the system based on these business rules and workflows are triggered to appropriate collaborator for exception handling.

Streamline Approval of Invoices

Users can approve these invoices on the ERP screen or in a mobile device or on an approval portal. The solutions come with mobile integration out of the box for users to easily view invoices pending approval along with all indexed information, images and up-to-date process history.

Automatization of Invoice Posting Process

After invoices are cleared of all exceptions and have been fully approved, they are automatically posted in the backed ERP (e.g.: SAP) application. The handling of price or quantity blocks is also handled via automated workflows to make the invoice free for payment.

Not Restricted to Just Accounts Payable

Automation tools are also available for the requisitioning and order creation processes as well as for the payment authorization process, thus helping you automate your entire Procure-to-Pay cycle beyond just core Accounts Payable.

Benefits Of VIM Software

Minimize Invoice Processing Time

Increase ROI and Save Money

Reduce Cycle Times

Facilitate Increased Productivity

Reduce Manual Data Keying

Establish a Scalable Foundation

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