Automate Your Core Business Processes with Low-Code

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Get your digital transformation back on track. You’ve digitized forms and assets. And you’ve standardized departmental tasks. Now, automate and orchestrate your core business processes with Low-Code.

No two companies are alike. That’s why you need custom applications to continuously monitor and manage your business, especially if you want to stay ahead of your competition. Use Low-Code to optimize your digital business operations. Improve customer and employee engagement, easily connect to essential data, and manage frequent changes – securely and cost-effectively.

Intelligent Automation : Automate your Business Processes

Intelligent automation technologies – RPA, artificial intelligence, and machine learning – can be useful for improving your digital operations. But they must be used intelligently. Smart enterprises are rapidly assembling, deploying, and updating human-centric applications that orchestrate cross-functional workflows, better integrating these automation technologies with their people and data.

Transform your Business Operations with Low-Code

Take a People-First Approach

Use low-code to build highly intuitive applications that your employees can use for oversight, intervention, and orchestration of cross-functional automated workflows.

Leverage Essential Data

Your employees need the right data, at the right time, at the right place. Even more so when you automate your processes. Quickly and easily connect to company systems of record and databases.

Rapidly Iterate

Quickly learn and continuously improve your digital operations. Low-code allows you to collect feedback and easily update your business applications, rapidly changing them as your business processes change.

Business Process Management : Optimize & Manage with Low-Code

Processes are the core of your business and if the core isn’t functioning at optimum levels, then you can’t expect the rest of your organization to meet their goals. Enter Business Process Management, the practice of designing, executing, managing and optimizing business processes. By applying this digital perspective to operations, your business processes can be running at peak speed and efficiency in no time.

Accelerate Delivery to the Business

Low-code allows you to create and deliver digital processes to the business 10x faster than using traditional development methods. Build and use your processes within days rather than months (or years).

Build with Your Customer in Mind

Set yourself apart from the competition by building customer-centric processes that address their real needs. Don’t let internal silos or tools dictate your customer’s experience.

Continually Improve Your Processes

Innovation means always advancing the status quo. Test, measure, and experiment with new business processes and models, easily create minimum viable processes, and gather insights that support continual improvement.

How can Low-Code help you?

Audit Trails

Full process audit trails are recorded and viewable to provide transparency and accountability.

Automatic Inboxes

Inboxes can be enabled across all or selected applications and processes for easy training and work access.

Event Handling

Register events that are associated with business rules within each workflow or shared among workflows.

Process Analytics

Out-of-the-box process analytics are available, and easily customizable for your unique business processes and data.

Visual Language

OutSystems allows designing through the Business Process Technology Add-on visual mapping.

Work Routing & Allocation

Assign work to roles, groups, or by other attributes to ensure the work gets to the right place the first time.


Open API layer allows for easy integration of any internal/external data and systems.


Possibility to design a process that reuses business logic from a centralized source or from other existing processes.

Digitally Transform Your Field Service Operations with Low-Code

Your customers are used to one-click purchases, same-day deliveries, and expect a flawless user experience. Your field agents require highly intuitive applications that allow them to complete their work orders in a fast, efficient manner. Do both. With Low-Code application development you can quickly deliver multi-channel applications that delight your customers and your field agents.

Quick and Easy Changes


Drive Operational Efficiency


Mobile, Distributed and Offline


One-Stop Solution For All Your Field Service Needs


Field Service Visibility in Real-time


How can Low-Code help you?

Address Skills and Resource Gaps

ACCRO with the help of OutSystems low-code platform can deliver the ideal field service management solution you need with the team you already have, thanks to – more than 140 UX/UI out of the box patterns, templates, and controls, so you don’t have to design and build from scratch. Run a single code base for all form factors regardless of device.

Seamless & Easy Integration

ACCRO alongwith OutSystems high performance low-code technology makes integration with existing and new systems easy. Developers can just configure an integration connector instead of writing (and rewriting) custom code. This is much faster and far less error-prone. And when you are ready to add IoT or AI/ML to your applications, we have you covered there, too.

Keeping Up With Mobile

We regularly add support for new mobile operating systems so you can keep up with the pace of change.

Our advanced mobile features include:

UI library for cross-platform, Pixel-perfect experiences, Secure offline capabilities, Prebuilt plugins for native device capabilities and sensors, Extensible platform to build custom plugins for native SDKs

Future Proof Your Field Service Apps

Applications built with OutSystems rely on standard architectures and frameworks. No proprietary components, runtime engines, or interpreters are required. Your new field service apps are generated into a fully open, standard, optimized, and documented set of server and client components. Most importantly, intellectual property remains yours.

Few Examples of Process Automation Apps Built using Low-Code

Explore dozens of process automation case studies, that show these use cases, and many more.

Field Service Optimization

  • Mobile Field Service
  • Mobile CPQ
  • Asset Maintenance
  • Field Operations Dashboard
  • Customer Self-Service Portal

Supply Chain Resilience

  • Mobile Driver
  • Mobile Scanner
  • IoT Data Collection
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Vendor Collaboration Portal

Sales Productivity

  • Mobile CPQ
  • Mobile Customer 360
  • Decision Support
  • Partner Portal 
  • Retail Management
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