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Accro aims to solve real world healthcare challenges through digital innovation and intelligent informatics. 

Respond Effectively to Disease Outbreaks with ACCRO

With pre-existing and easily configurable workflows designed to support more than 150 reportable conditions, our solution helps disease investigators to know about patients, detect disease clusters, and control outbreaks more effectively and efficiently.

We enable public health professionals with the tools to exchange data between laboratories, health departments, and healthcare providers for faster diagnosis and integrated response, thereby increasing effectiveness and enabling consistent regulatory reporting.

Enhanced Outbreak Management & Disease Response 

Enhanced Surveillance

Best Case Management 

Compliant Reporting

Addressing Disease Surveillance & Outbreak Management Challenges 

Healthcare providers often face challenges in facilitating effective disease surveillance and outbreak management initiatives due to lack of visibility, absence of a unified platform to share data, and so on. Our solution not only helps health institutions to overcome these challenges but also provides a host of other benefits that empower healthcare providers to improve health outcomes. 

Integrated platform to exchange data

Healthcare providers can exchange data and accelerate diagnosis, identify disease vectors, and prevent the spread of diseases. 

Efficiently identify and report incidents

Identify trends of potential disease outbreaks for immediate investigation and case management. 

Highly scalable and flexible

Local and state health officials can provide and get the latest reports from the CDC using an automated process. Our solution is highly scalable and can handle high spikes in volume. 

Cost effective and simple

Easily automate contact tracing, reporting, and management at an affordable cost. 

Enhanced visibility

Our solution helps public health officials to monitor and analyse long-term trends to get better visibility. 

Highly customizable

Modify parameters as per your requirements in our solution, without making changes in the code. 

Enable Clinical Innovation with Accro 

Accro in collaboration with Clinisys offers end-to-end solutions for healthcare providers to make their lab management operations simpler, easier, and more efficient.  Our experience in delivering top-notch IT solutions brings remarkable improvements in healthcare diagnostics performance. We design and develop best-in-class, industry-grade lab management solutions in close collaboration with service users and clinical advisors to deliver the best clinical innovation which facilitates maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Transform Your Laboratory Workflows and Eliminate Complexity  

Operational modernization

Leverage efficient, proven solutions to improve patient outcomes in compliance with the applicable statutory guidelines and requirements. 

Comprehensive lab-wide focus

Create customizable operations that closely align with your requirements to increase productivity and reduce cost, downtime, and unscheduled maintenance.  

Improved lab economics

Gain flexible financial models, optimized equipment utilization, and smart procurement management. 

Standardized processes and governance

Enhance lab asset management strategies using our streamlined processes and leading methodologies. 

Data integrity compliance

Adhere to global regulatory requirements to preserve data integrity

Customized solution

Evolve your business with our highly customized solutions.   

Seamless integration

Our solutions provide seamless integration with all popularly used healthcare technology and systems worldwide. 

Extended Support

With our workflow assessments and regular training, experience abiding transformation and reduce operational maintenance and downtime.  

Your healthcare facility needs to do more with less

Be more efficient, competitive, sustainable & future-proof with ACCRO

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