Create the 21st Century Workplace with Low Code

With ACCRO by your side, bring systems, data, and tools together to empower your digital workforce.

Increase Employee Engagement, Retention & Productivity

Use low-code to build a portfolio of applications tailored to your business processes and employees’ individual needs at speed. Consolidate your digital Employee Experience (EX) with a unifying layer to increase productivity and delight your workforce. All without the restraints of pre-built software.

Productive Workforces Regardless of Work Setting

Stellar EX to Attract the Best Talent

Improved Employee Retention

The Right Tools to Build Up Employee Engagement

Unique Company Culture Instilled in Day-to-Day Apps

Solve your Workplace Challenges Fast with Unique, High-Performance Apps

Streamline New Employee Onboarding with Delightful Experiences

Create intuitive New Employee Onboarding applications that unify systems and data to optimize HR processes and delight new hires.

Create a Modern, Flexible Office Space for Your Employees to Thrive

Build an office management software solution that minimizes real estate costs, ensures employee health & safety, and gives the team the flexibility they need.

Ensure Performing Teams Regardless of Workforce Setting

Quickly deploy a flexible Performance Management System that reflects company culture and adapts to the uniqueness of your business processes.

Employee-Facing Apps Built by Our Customers

Explore dozens of workplace innovation use cases.

HR Compliance

  • Workforce Management
  • Employee Support Chatbot

Workplace Safety

  • Office Management System
  • Health Monitoring Mobile App

Training & Development

  • Performance Management System
  • Succession Planning Portal

Talent Management

  • Campus Mobile App, Applicant Tracking System
  • Candidate Mobile App, Employee Offboarding App
  • Alumni Management Portal

Compensation & Benefits

  • Employee Self-service portal
  • Corporate Wellness Portal
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