Data Aggregation at Scale

Achieve data interoperability goals with NextGen Healthcare’s Mirth Connect 

Optimize Healthcare data integration to ensure the best possible care

Fragmented connectivity, contrasting systems, and regulatory changes often cause major interoperability challenges. ACCRO in collaboration with NextGen offers Mirth Connect, an end-to-end solution for healthcare providers that allows them seamless access to the information needed for data-driven decision making with zero healthcare integration complexities.

Desired Interoperability Outcomes

An interoperability solution is key to unlocking the potential of health data to improve care quality and delivery. An optimized interoperability solution eliminates the strain of working with several health IT solutions by efficiently integrating existing IT infrastructure with relevant data from external sources. We provide healthcare organizations with efficient solutions that align with their budgets and workflows.

Improving convenience & automation

Improving patient outcomes

Reduction in costs

Maintaining organizational independence

Reducing duplicative testing

Reducing referral leakage

Adaptable, Scalable and Secure Integration with ACCRO

ACCRO helps healthcare providers overcome data interoperability and integration challenges to offer world class health care services and care using NextGen’s highly customizable data integration solution. We provide you with the ideal solution that not only acts as a convenient cost reducer but increases clinical efficiency at the same time.

Optimize enterprise capabilities

Using enterprise level healthcare data integration tools get access to advanced interoperability functionalities and achieve the control & flexibility your organization requires.

Cost effective interoperability

Build unlimited interfaces in line with your requirements to optimize interoperability cost-effectively.

Technology-agnostic solution

Our solution can run on any technology platform to facilitate fast, cost-effective data exchange between different medical services.

High scalabilty

We ensure that high-volume implementations perform at optimal levels. Unlimited interface channels help increase interoperability connections cost effectively.

Smooth & seamless integration

It has specialty-specific healthcare record programs that offer frameworks developed for healthcare organizations, strong business intelligence tools, and managed cloud IT systems to support a seamless integration process.

Customized support

Get all the help you need to ensure your interface channels remain open and health data flows unrestricted. Improve your organization’s interoperability capabilities through technical support, professional services.

Your healthcare facility needs to do more with less

Be more efficient, competitive, sustainable & future-proof with ACCRO

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