Working at Accro

Meet our Force

Crazy, with a capital ‘C’

At ACCRO, the air is filled with madness. A place where no one answer is THE answer. We are afraid we would mislead you if we hide this fact; The Ninjas you see here are possessed by ideas and thoughts that are catalytic. They could one day flip the switch, taking the game to a whole new level. They will make it to the headlines, very soon. Wait and watch. 

It is not just a career, but a calling for them! How about you?

Working with Us

Are you a go-getter? Dynamic? Relentless person? Often found steeping out of the comfort zone? We might have something in common!  Now, if you see an opportunity here, if you see yourself growing with the company to mark your footprint in the history of ACCRO, stepping out of the comfort zone. We give you the platform to chisel your skills and liberty to step outside your role to identify areas of opportunity within the organization.

You don’t have to be crazy to work here, we will train you.

A workplace that finally recognizes you for your work, not your degree and not your resume, just your work. Here at ACCRO, we work hard and party harder with a certain panache – yes, not what you have heard a typical IT company would do. We know companies with a higher purpose and stronger culture, but hey, we believe that our individuality is empowering and brave and one surely wouldn’t want to go back to ordinary; at least not after tasting the crackling buzz of madness.

We are an eccentric bunch, and we have room for more! If you feel it in your bones that this would be the right place for you, reach out to us. But before you do that, understand our DNA and double-check your intuition. Remember: Your opinions, to be put on the table and get noticed, need more than gut feeling to be valid here.

Everyone has their own style of making things work, and we respect that. Whether it includes meditation breaks or listening to music or early morning shifts or a day at home, we support what gives you energy to deliver your best.

Want to become an ACCROite? We are always on the lookout for talents, so do reach out.

Drop in and say hello. Or write to us at