Build enterprise-ready applications rapidly with Low-Code.

Solve complex business challenges by building low-code apps at speed and scale with ACCRO.

Transform Ideas into Reality with Low-Code

Low-code development lets you rapidly design enterprise ready apps, build beautiful UIs, integrate all your people, technologies, data and systems into a single workflow to accelerate business results.

Building custom business applications is a must for enterprises looking to:

  • Improve customer engagement and experiences
  • Increase collaboration and efficiency
  • Migrate to the cloud
  • Future-proof business processes

But the demand for these apps expands beyond IT’s ability to deliver. Resources are stretched, and outdated delivery methods hinder growth. The why of increasing application velocity is obvious, but the how is less so. It seems like there are too many barriers on the path toward better software development. 

What Are the Most Common Barriers of Enterprise App Development?

Enterprise Applications are complex systems. It requires precision, vision, and expertise. They require delicate planning and expertise for the right type of development. Lack of awareness in the development phase can be costly and frustrating. The challenges can be many but it’s important to be aware of them to create the right solution.  

Legacy Systems & Outdated Technology

Legacy systems are difficult to maintain and incompatible with new technologies and changes in business processes, resulting in high costs and technical debt.  

Talent and Resource Shortages

The developer shortage has made it difficult to find and retain talent. Without the right resources, enterprises can’t deliver apps fast enough to stay competitive.

Challenges Adapting to Agile

Agile offers more visibility into the app development lifecycle, but traditional approaches lead to production delays, poor app quality, and higher costs.  

Lack of Communication between Business & IT

Clear communication is a must when building apps, but siloed departments and evolving requirements often result in apps that fall short of the mark.  

Develop More Apps in Less Time with Ease

Low-code is 90% faster than traditional development, making it easier for enterprises to build game-changing applications. Low-code development incorporates automation and abstraction to streamline development processes for users of all skill levels. It also gives professional developers more opportunities to innovate enterprise-wide solutions.

ACCRO using low-code application development helps enterprises:

  • Increase developer productivity with visual user interfaces, reusable components, platform extensibility, and workflow editors.
  • Ensure app quality and consistency with automated testing.
  • Develop an app and deliver seamless user experiences across mobile, desktop, and tablet.
  • Deliver maintainable, easy-to-scale solutions on cloud-native architecture.
  • Incorporate an Agile way of working and a DevOps culture.

Start Building Enterprise Applications with Low-Code

ACCRO helps IT overcome resource and systems challenges to accelerate every step of the application development lifecycle. Some of the key benefits of using Low-Code for enterprise application development are as follows:  

Reduced Application Development Time

Decrease in Development Costs

Enhanced Efficiency & Productivity

Improved Flexibility & Scalability

Better Business-IT Collaboration

Top-Grade Security & Governance

Low-Code is the Future of App Development!

ACCRO has the experience to help you drive change at scale.

Lead your business to a customer-first mindset and deliver amazing applications.