Modernize Legacy Systems using Low-Code

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Modernize Legacy Systems Without Business Disruption

Legacy systems pose significant risks, including time-consuming maintenance, frequent outages, poor user-friendliness, and compatibility challenges with new software. These outdated systems monopolize valuable IT resources, adding complexity to the process of digital transformation.

Fortunately, there is a quicker path to modernizing legacy systems. Using Low-Code, ACCRO Computer System expedites development, empowering enterprises to efficiently create custom applications to either complement or replace their legacy systems.

How to Modernize Legacy Systems with Low-Code?

There inevitably comes a time when organizations need to address the inefficiencies and faults of antiquated legacy systems. But you don’t have to kick these systems to the curb right away.

From updating business processes to completely rebuilding your core system, low-code is a frictionless way to modernize. If your core system is still functional, you can build modern apps on top of it to extend its capabilities. You could also choose to decentralize your core system by incrementally building replacement apps. Or, if your legacy system is nearing the end of its lifespan, use low-code to completely rebuild, starting with the most vital components.

Extend Existing System Capabilities

Maintain core systems while building open and extensible apps that integrate into your existing landscape. Build new front-ends to current systems to support new, customized processes and improved user experience.  

Migrate to Modernize

Develop modernized applications to incrementally replace your legacy systems. Decouple & refactor apps to create a modular composable architecture that can change easily and take better advantage of cloud models. Boost app agility and resilience while simplifying legacy systems.

Replace Systems Gradually

Build-to-fit systems tailored to your needs to compete effectively without the risk, cost, and complexity of traditional development and without the limitations of a COTS solution. Break free to go beyond the limitations of your legacy systems.

Microservices for Targeted Business Functions

With this low-code approach, APIs are used to rearchitect monolithic apps into low-code-based microservices. Deploying updates is fast, easy, and undisruptive to the rest of your system.

Extend Your Legacy System with Low-Code

A decades-old legacy system might still function as intended, but it wasn’t built with the modern enterprise’s needs in mind. On the road to legacy modernization, you don’t have to ditch your old systems at the first rest stop. ACCRO helps you build the modern apps and functionalities your business has been waiting for, without disrupting the current operations of your mission-critical legacy systems. Build new front-ends to current systems to support new, customized processes and improved user experience.

What can you build with Low-Code? 

Web-Based Customer Portals, SaaS-Based Apps, IoT-Enabled Smart Apps, B2C Mobile Apps, Mobile Interfaces, Internal Process Automation and the list goes on.

Simplify with a Low-Code Legacy Migration

Monoliths are massively complex in all the wrong ways.  Although mission-critical for many businesses, legacy systems are costly, risky, and time consuming – and that’s just to keep the lights on.

Low-code development presents a clear, streamlined path to legacy migration by creating a flexible foundation for innovation. Decouple and refactor applications to create a modular composable architecture that can change easily and take better advantage of cloud models.

For legacy migrations, ACCRO helps enterprises:

  • Decentralize the monolith
  • Simplify systems & reduce organizational complexities
  • Improve existing applications
  • Evolve as business and user needs change

Replace Legacy Systems with Low-Code Applications

There are three ways to tackle the legacy replacement process: 

  1. Build a new solution using traditional development methods
  2. Purchase a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solution
  3. Build a custom solution with low-code development

Traditional development is costly and time-intensive while COTS products are too “one size fits all” for the modern enterprise. With these approaches, you’re simply replacing one headache for another.

But with low-code, you can build future-proof applications that support current business processes with modern functionalities that the other options can’t touch. Bring your core systems to the digital age. Build-to-fit systems tailored to your needs to compete effectively without the risk, cost, and complexity of traditional development and without the limitations of a COTS solution.

Upgrade your Tech Stack with Low-Code

Revitalize your legacy landscape with ACCRO. Build future proof solutions to take on tomorrow’s evolving technologies and business challenges.  Whether you’re looking to update a few critical business processes or completely rebuild, ACCRO helps replace, enhance, or supplement your core legacy systems and applications.

Break free from your legacy systems and use high-performance low-code development environment to build modern, agile applications that can keep up with the changing needs of the business. Cloud-native and effortlessly scalable, modernize in months instead of years and create a flexible foundation for the future.

Lower Solution TCO

Maximize the value of your enterprise development with lower operating costs, higher productivity, complete in-house control, and rapid deployment.

Empower your Entire Workforce

Low-code is intuitive and encourage developers & business users of all backgrounds to engage in efficient processes that lead to streamlined deployment.  

Simple Infrastructure

Build applications and deploy on cloud, so you don’t have to look out for dedicated experts to maintain an obsolete technology in the future.

Better Manage Multi-Cloud

Utilize one-click deployment with complete cloud freedom, from a private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud, or on-premises.

Build with Extensibility

Seamlessly integrate with your tech stack, extend apps with custom code, leverage open APIs to programmatically adjust models, and build beyond the standard expectations of traditional development.

Deliver best-of-breed UX

Build cohesive multi-experience applications that deliver exceptional user experiences for mobile, web, or both.

Customizable UI

Simplify the overall effort to recreate your UI using visual modelling techniques. Create new applications by leveraging custom components applicable to your app.

Repurposable Templates

Turn business logic into consumable APIs and reuse them whenever you need them. Create responsive front ends by leveraging existing templates

Faster Deployment

Bundle up your application code together with the necessary library files required to build, test, and deploy applications on a single console.

Improved Security

Enjoy the advantage of enterprise-grade security with multi-factor authentication, SSO, and AD to enable secure login sessions.

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