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Recent Problems In The Education Sector:

In 2017, Gartner stated “by 2021, more than 50% of education institutions will begin redesigning their student experience with the goal of making it more integrated and personalized. Affected collectively by a strong economy, low unemployment rate, change in demographics and digital disruption, majority of educational institutions scramble to address the shifting trends of student enrollment rates as well as students’ expectations once they are enrolled.

A Digital Arms Race

Incorporating digital technology does not automatically deliver the results that institutions expect. Many establishments have failed to deliver a personalized student experience that students have come to expect from other areas in their daily lives, resulting in failed implementations, user abandonment, and millions of dollars lost on misplaced IT investments.

Personalization Is Key

More than 30% of higher educational institutions will be forced to execute a personalization strategy to maintain student enrollment. This trend has been affected largely by a young, digital hungry student population used to leading a digital – first life, who demand customized communication with their institution and classmates across all devices and channels.

ACCRO Brings Digital Transformation To Education:

You can genuinely transform your education experience with Low-code app development, not only for the student but also the institution, heads of departments, and operational staff. We believe that to transform the institution, you need an end-to-end digital transformation strategy.

ACCRO: From Enrollment To Post Graduation

Digital leaders within the educational sector are now recognizing that low-code application development offers the ability to move to a personalized student experience model, with speed, delivering results quickly, and dramatically improving student satisfaction. The following sections outline some of the many areas where low-code can help create an end-to-end personalized student experience.

Student Recruitment

  • Build an integrated mobile app, live chatbot and website to attract new students
  • Integrate into your CRM to manage and curate your database and deliver relevant content

Admissions & Enrollment

  • On-campus mobile apps that allow new students to access personalized orientation content
  • Apps for students to - Request any changes to their program and track their applications

Financial Aid, Budget and Part-time Work

  • Online job finders for students to find available jobs on and off campus
  • Self-service portal across mobile and web for students to apply for financial aid applications

Degree Planning, Coaching, and Advising

  • Direct in-app updates with open API’s to integrate into all social media platforms
  • External career advise, facilitating networking and relevant job content through Learning Management System (LMS)

Formal and Informal Learning

  • Create and customize your mobile front end of Blackboard Learn and Banner
  • Pull in content and data from third party sources such as YouTube or Rosetta Stone

Student and Resident Life Engagement

  • Provide updates across all channels such as SMS, social media, and campus in-app notifications
  • Self-service helpdesk for students to submit questions on IT problems, with additional chatbot FAQ
Artboard 24

Post-Graduation Planning and Placement

  • Pull in alumni data from 3rd party sources such as LinkedIn for students to refer to
  • Let students interact with career advisors via in-app conversations as well as video conferencing

Alumni Relations

  • Set up a monthly direct debit from alumni to university for donation purposes
  • Allow alumni to post jobs within their companies on the campus career website

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