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Software Development Outsourcing

If you have received a final product that was less than expected, realized a gap between the requirement and output, found testing, a mundane process, experienced complexity in deployment, you are not alone. Reduce the risk, time and capital invested in resources and employment process. We are here to support you at any phase of your software development project, from the concept through implementation to up-and-running the solution, and maintenance.

We are here to support you at any phase of your software development project, from the concept through implementation to up-and-running the solution, and maintenance. With us by your side, you can attain short and long-term goals for your software development needs. We are here to add fresh perspectives to the business, while the company focuses on its core competencies.

 We aim to remove all the hassles of hiring and training new employees, and help you use your existing resources efficiently. Verify, Validate, Baseline, Repeat, and Evaluate Baseline – These are the 5 critical courses that we follow to ensure successful software development. Reaching business goals while feeling confident that the software would meet all the necessary requirements, is any businesses’ dream. But, tracking software development metrics can take half of the sprint, leaving you with no time to focus on organization’s growth. Hence, we extend our services by offering transparent outsourcing with KPIs and SLOs. Here’s how a strong KPI system can help:

  • Track the team’s routine and measure their performance
  • Identify if the quality of the product corresponds to the requirements & expectations
  • Determine the rate of delivery
  • Examine how much time is spent on each stage of the development process
  • Outline key areas for improvement

How can outsourcing help your business?

  • Flexibility and lower operating expenses
  • Managing time
  • Cost improvements
  • Experience maximum efficiency
  • Enhance business productivity

Custom Software Development

Do you have a unique set of requirements to meet at a cost-competitive price? Off-the-shelf software may not be the right choice. Custom software is a purpose-built product, mainly to support processes swiftly and productively.

Being a design-driven and strategy-led company, our customized software development process entails the commissioning, development and release of a software product personalized to a single specific entity. While building the software, the company’s infrastructure, branding and implementation needs are kept in mind.

Agile development helps:

  • Deliver high-value features more quickly with short cycles
  • Reduce time-to-market
  • Improve customer experience
  • Maximum delivery of value

We believe that no cookie-cutter approach/solution would hit the dartboard like an agile process that would fit your needs. Big changes can sound slow, risky and expensive, but taking vigilant steps can bring profitable results. At ACCRO, leveraging agile development, we deliver value faster, with greater quality, and greater aptitude to respond to change.

Our Domain Expertise Includes:

Healthcare and Wellness

Developing technology-led solutions- a switch from the conventional method is no more an option. Meeting the fluctuating demands of healthcare requires a new way of looking at software development that facilitates the industry. Getting the most out of a solution, efficiently, is crucial.

Supply chain and Logistics

Coordination of planning, production, and delivery processes is more effective and efficient with custom-made software. Yesterday’s software no more plays an effectual role in today’s industry. Make a smart move to make supply chain coordination and management a seamless journey.

Retail and Banking

Living up to customers’ expectation is easy said than done. Today’s shoppers are changing the face of shopping. Custom software solutions enforced across the retail ecosystem can aid both ‘brick and mortar’ and ‘digital’ businesses.

Our Valuable Key Differentiators:

  • Tailor-made solutions harnessing the potential of up-to-date technologies
  • Easy maintenance with long term benefits
  • Easy integration with existing applications
  • Reasonably priced
  • Couple innovation with tailor-made solutions

Software Product Development

Software product failure isn’t completely pervasive, but it still happens far too often. Software product now a part of the very existence of a business, play a vital role in the success of an organisation. A robust software product development cites the decline of project risk factors, drives shorter delivery time and better value.

How do we bring the best possible product to market and grow the business?

Manage every stage of your product’s lifecycle seamlessly through a robust product management process. Applying a comprehensive process can help deliver products that delight customers and increase revenues. We provide unified product-service experience, by placing people at the centre of every solution.

Design thinking brings a fresh perspective to achieve better results – simplify complex problems and find a solution for the end-user. It drives organizations to achieve high performing results. It will remain as the core of effective strategy development and organisational transformation.

Ideas are conceptualized, which further serves as good source of inspiration for the product’s evolution.

Requirements to meet a certain goal – it gives a better clarity to help make informed decisions as the software is designed and built.

Understanding where the competence of the product today lies and predict the direction in which it might move and how to get there.

Product roadmap should be reviewed on a continuous basis to recognize the priorities that reflect the market changes.

Experimentation is a continuous process where the product goes through constant scrutiny to make it better.

Throughout the cycle, the scientific approach is geared towards understanding how people use the software, and identifying ways to improve them.

Corporate Training / Up-Skill Program

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but your app can be – with low-code. Thanks to low-code, enterprises can now save considerable amount of time in the development phase, induce innovation throughout an organization, and make it more adaptable to change. With existing templates, pre-built forms, elements, and objects, a team can quickly build a working app with little hassle. Now is the time to get ahead of the curve and leverage low-code to gain customer satisfaction, and expand your presence in multi-channels.

31% of application developers surveyed cite challenges in meeting business requirements in time as a result of using traditional coding. – Forrester Research, an American market research company.

Today, drag-and-drop tool allows developers to assemble applications without the need for extensive coding. Businesses, understanding the market change, have started swapping traditional software development approaches with agile; they have at their disposal to fuel faster application creation through low-code development application software. Low-code does not eliminate coding once for all (which is a common misinterpretation) but would eliminate complexities that lie in the form of coding.

Start reaping the benefits of low-code solutions
Our training services are crafted to equip today’s professionals with the appropriate skills necessary to meet business needs both locally and internationally. If you don’t want to be left behind in the race to the top, now is the time to jump on the bandwagon.

What our program offers?

  • Hands-on training on how to use low-code platform through personalized exercises
  • How to develop apps visually
  • How to plan, develop and implement apps in real-life scenarios