Takeda Pharmaceuticals Modernizes Critical Core System in just 4 Months

The newly developed solution has led to drastic improvement in collaboration, efficiency and reductions in cost respectively.

Takeda Pharmaceuticals is a global, values-based, R&D-driven biopharmaceutical leader. The company’s research scientists relied on a legacy system to request chemical compounds from outsourced manufacturers. But the system’s underlying technology had reached end-of-life. Takeda used OutSystems to rebuild its outsourced compound synthesis solution. The new application was built in just four months and has improved collaboration, efficiency, transparency, and compliance.


“Our applications involve scientific workflows that require custom development. I’ve tried several development platforms, and I found OutSystems the best by far for building modern applications. It’s fast, intuitive, and provides great UI/UX.”

– Yann Danilovich, Head of Scientific Product Engineering

Challenge : How to Quickly Modernize a Crucial Core System That Has Reached End-of-Life?

With an innovation-driven approach to research and development (R&D), Takeda is a global, values-based, biopharmaceutical innovation leader, developing new drugs and vaccines at its research centers in Asia, Europe, and North America. At the heart of its R&D program is its outsourced compound synthesis platform—which enables Takeda’s research scientists to request chemical compounds from outsourced manufacturers. But with the system’s technology reaching end-of-life, the company needed to rapidly modernize its legacy application. An improved modern user experience and enterprise-grade scalability and security were crucial requirements.

Why did Takeda choose OutSystems?

  1. Speed-up development and improve agility
  2. Deliver web applications and portals
  3. Improve User Experience (UX)

Solution : Experienced Application Developers Select OutSystems Low-code Platform

Takeda had considerable experience developing custom applications, and the team evaluated several development platforms before choosing OutSystems as its low-code development platform. 

Using OutSystem’s Low-Code platform, Takeda was able to deliver a highly collaborative and automated solution in just four months.

Takeda’s modernized core system has numerous user-friendly capabilities, including:

  • Document uploads and approvals
  • A dynamic dashboard that restricts internal sensitive information to authorized users
  • The ability to work with visualized chemical structures
  • Comprehensive integration with Takeda’s systems
  • Simple Excel data exports.

Thanks to the powerful integration capabilities provided by OutSystems, the new platform even automatically checks new chemical structures with a government-approved database, helping eliminate the risk of using banned compounds. A unified communications dashboard for internal and external stakeholders helps to eliminate unstructured and inefficient email communication. With an enhanced focus on R&D and quick access to the company’s outsourced partners, Takeda Pharmaceuticals has created a highly collaborative and automated environment. The new application is now used by hundreds of professionals—providing greater transparency and significant cost reductions.

Case Study Credit : OutSystems

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